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Masajid (Mosques) and Islamic Centres in Canada





(In order to keep this list up-to-date, we request all Canadians to send us the contact information of new mosques / Islamic organizations OR when the existing mosques / centres re-locate. We will add / update the information in this list.  This service is free. Jazakallah and Thanks.

You may send your information at .


Muslim Association of Newfoundland (Masjid Annoor)

            P.O. Box 441 Stn. "C"

            St. Johns, NF

            A1C 5S5

            Phone: 709-754-7526

            Phone: 709-579-6198

Nova Scotia

Islamic Assoc. of the Maritime Provinces                               

            42 Leaman Dr.

            Dartmouth, NS

            B2Y 5Y2

            Phone: 902-469-9490


Maritime Muslim Academy                                                              

            6225 Chebucto Road

            Halifax, NS 

            B3L 1K7

            Phone: 902-429-9067


Islamic Information Foundation                                                        

            8 Laurel Lane

            Halifax, NS

            B3M 2P6

            Phone: 902-445-2494

            Fax: 902-445-2494

New Brunswick

Fredericton Islamic Association

130 Lincoln Road,

Fredericton, NB

E3B 2Y1

Ph: (506) 462 9006



Muslim Association of New Brunswick

            1100 Rothsey Rd

            Saint John, NB

            E2H 2H8

            Phone: 506-693-7713


Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) Muslim Group                           

            12 Poplar Ave.

            Charlottetown, PE

            C1A 6S7

            Phone: 902-566-0678 (Phone)/ 902-566-0420 (Fax)


Masjid Noor-e-Madinah (Tableegh -e- Deen)

            692 Jean Talone West

            Montréal, Québec

            Ph: 514-299-5786


Islamic Cultural Centre (Centre Culturel Islamique) of Quebec City, C.P. 8817

            Ste. Foy, QC

            G1V 4N7

            Phone: 418-683-1329


Trois Riviers Mosque                                                                      

            3009 Blvd. De Forges

            Trois Riviers, QC

            G8Z 1V3

            Phone: 819-371-7938


Nour El-Islam Mosque (I.A.N.M)                                                      

            4675 Rue Amiens

            Montreal, QC

            H1H 2H6  or H1H 5L5

            Phone: 514-325-5557       

            Phone: 514-326-6479


As-Sunnah An-Nabawyah Assoc.

            7220 Hutchinson St.

            Montreal, QC

            H3N 1Z1

            Phone: 514-844-2029

            Phone: 514-844-2029

            Phone: 514-278-8441


El-Kairouane Mosque

            3726 Rue Jean Talon Est

            Montreal, QC

            H2A 1X9

            Phone: 514-728-2922


Masjid as-Salam                                                               

            16 Ontario St.

            Montreal, QC


Info-Islam Montreal (IIM)                                      

            1600 St-Laurent

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 2T1

            Phone: (514) 285-8583

            Fax: (514) 285-8741


Fatih Sultan Mehmed Mosque

            7387 Rue St Laurent

            Montreal, QC

            H2R 1W7

            Phone: 514-272-0009                   


Center of Soufism

            5978 De L'Esplanade

            Montreal, QC

            H2T 3A3

            Phone: 514-277-9868

            Phone: 514-277-3834       


Al Oumma Al Islamaya Mosque                                           

            1590 Boul St Laurent

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 2S9

            Phone: 514-843-7866

            Phone: 514-847-1217       


Al-Ummah Mosque (CCM)

            20-70 Clark

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 2R7

            Phone: 514-843-7866


Al-Ummah Al-Islamia Mosque                                                          

            1245 rue St. Dominique

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 2W4

            Phone: 514-879-8677

            Phone: 514-445-3658


Fatima Mosque                                                                             

            2012 St Dominique

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 2X1  or H2X 2T2 (?)

            Phone: 514-285-1893                   

            Phone: 514-363-2937


Islamic Society of McGill

            3480 McTavish #b09

            Montreal, QC

            H3A 1X9

            Phone: 514-284-5107

            Phone: 514-288-0343


Islamic Society of Concordia

            2090 MacKay

            Montreal, QC

            H3G 2J1             


Azzahra International Foundation, Inc.                                              

            5121 Earnscliffe Ave.

            Montreal, QC

            H3X 2P7

            Phone: (514)486-1259


Mountain Sights Mosque

            7835 Montain Sights #83

            Montreal, QC

            H4P 2B1

            Phone: 514-737-7586


Al-Bait Ul-Mukarram                                                                      

            Montreal, QC

            Phone: 514-737-8671


Muslim Community of Quebec (MCQ)                                                

            7445 Chester Ave., NDG

            Montreal, QC

            H4V 1M4

            Phone: 514-484-2967

            Phone: 514-486-3802


Information Centre on Islam

            2054 St-Denis #2

            Montreal, QC

            H2X 3K7

            Phone: 514-844-2029


Qur'an Sciences Library                                                                 

            1670 De Maisonneuve West

            Montreal, QC

            Phone: 514-939-6288


Islamic Council of Quebec

            P.O. Box 1614 La Cite

            Montreal, QC

            H2W 2K6

            Phone: 514-482-2498


Islamic Union of Quebec                                                    

            133 Jean talon West

            Montreal, QC

            Phone: 514-270-1937


Islamic Centre of Quebec                                       

            2520 Laval St., St-Laurent

            Montreal, QC

            Phone: 514-331-1770


Centre Islamique du West Island (Ahle-Sunnat Wa Jammat)

            3934 St. Jean Blvd.

            Dollart Des Ormeaux

            Montréal, Québec

            Phone: 514-421-3893


Dorval Mosque                                                                             

            Montreal, QC

            Phone: 514-633-5353


Jamia Islamia Mosque

            2144 Rue St Helene

            Longueuil, QC

            J4K 3T6

            Phone: 514-674-4433       


Jamia Islamia Mosque                                                                    

            Phone: 514-442-2303


Islamic Center of Quebec                                                   

            2520 Chemin Laval Rd

            Ville St Laurent, QC

            H4L 3A1

            Phone: 514-331-5582


Islami Assoc. of Longueuil

            417 Cartier #5

            Longueuil, QC

            J4K 4B7

            Phone: 514-651-9492


Makkah Al-Mukarramah Mosque                                                      

            11900 Boul Gouin

            Pierrefonds, QC

            H2Z 1V6  or H8Z 1V6

            Phone: 514-421-1455


Centre Islamique Badr                                                                   

            6955 Lacordaire

            St-Leonard, QC

            Phone: 514-255-6460


Estrial Islamic Cultural Association (Canada)                          

            C.P. 36012

            Sherbrooke, QC

            J1L 2L3

            Phone: 819-820-1566


Markaz Al Islam (Islamic Centre of South Montreal)                

            1885 Rue Nielsen

            St Hubert, QC

            J4T 1P1

            Phone: 514-443-3482       


Islamic Investments Foundation                                                       

            345 Place Du Trianon R02

            Brossard, QC

            J4W 3K1

            Phone: 514-466-3560


Islamic Circle of North America                                           

            P.O. Box 24530, 1155 Rome Blvd.

            Brossard, QC

            J4W 3J1

            Phone: 514-637-2755


The Ottawa Muslim Association                                                        

            257-Northwestern Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1Y 5W9

            Phone: 613-722-8763

            Phone: 613-725-0004

            Fax: 613-247-9916



Ottawa Muslim Community Circle (OMCC)                                          

            P.O. Box 29105, RPO Barrhaven

            Nepean, ON

            K2J 4A9

            Phone: 613-825-7059 (


Islamic Information and Education Centre                 

            312 Lisgar Street

            Ottawa, ON

            K2P 0E2

            Phone: 613-232-0210


Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)

            P.O. Box 741 Stn "B"

            Ottawa, ON

            K1P 5P8

            Phone: 613-745-0837


Al-Rashid Islamic Institute

            R.R. #1

            Cornwall, ON

            K6H 5R5

            Phone: 613-931-2895


Islamic Society of Kingston                                                 

            PO Box 2021

            Kingston, ON

            K7L 5J8

            Phone: 613-542-9000


Islamic Center of Kingston                                                 

            1477 Sydenham Road; Just north of Highway 401

            Phone: 613-542-9000


Islamic Center of Oshawa

            PO Box 1062

            Oshawa, ON

            L1H 7H8             


Oshawa Islamic Centre (Masjid Zakariyya)

            26 McGrigor St.

            Oshawa, ON

            L1H 1X7

            Phone: 905-436-9310


Ja'ffari Islamic Centre (Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat of Toronto), 7340 Bayview Ave.

            Thornhill, ON

            L3T 2R7

            Phone: 905-881-1763 / 416-250-0553


Islamic Society of Markham                                               

            Markham, ON

            Phone: 321-2052


IMAGE - Islamic Media Awareness Group Enterprises

            P.O. Box 3021, M.I.P.,

            Markham, ON

            L3R 6G4

            Phone: 416-261-9112


Ihsan Muslim Heritage Society        

            138 Yorkland Street, Unit 173,  

            Richmond Hill, ON

            L4S 1J1 

            Phone: (905)770-5696


Islamic Society of York Region

1380 Stouffville Road

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Phone: 905-887-8913


Malton Islamic Association                                      

            7344 Custer Crescent

            Malton, ON

            L4T 3K7

            Phone: 905-671-0891


Malton Prayer

            Malton, ON

            Phone: 905-672-6851


Al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah Society (Toronto Branch)

            Toronto, ON

            Phone: 416-351-1813)


Islamic Society of Toronto                                                  

            4 Thorncliffe Pk Dr

            East York, ON

            Phone: 416-467-0786


Albanian Muslim Society of Toronto

            564 Annette St.

            Toronto, ON

            M6S 2C2

            Phone: 416-763-0612


Islamic Social Services & Resources Association (ISSRA)

            1673 Bloor St. W.

            Toronto, ON

            M6P 1A6

            Phone: 416-531-2894 (Off.) 


Reflections on Islam                                                                      

            P.O. Box 375 Stn. "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S9

            Phone: 416-260-7544

            Phone: 416-340-0914


International Institute of Islamic Education and Research

            c/o P.O. Box 143, Stn. "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S7

            Phone: 905-272-5959


Sufi Study Circle of the University of Toronto

            c/o P.O. Box 143 Stn. "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S7

            Phone: 416-920-5231

            Phone: 905-272-5959


Society for Understanding the Finite and the Infinite (S.U.F.I.)

            P.O. Box 143 Station "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S7

            Phone: 905-272-5959

            M5S 2S7



            P.O. Box 160 Stn. "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S7

            Phone: 416-977-2057


Islamic Society of North America (I.S.N.A.)

            P.O. Box 160 Stn. "P"

            Toronto, ON

            M5S 2S7

            Phone: 416-977-2057


Toronto And Region Islamic Congregation (TARIC Mosque)

            99 Beverley Hills Dr.

            Toronto, ON

            M3L 1A2

            Phone: 416-245-5675


Masjid-ut-Taqwa Islamic Organization

            No. 14 Ladysmith Avenue

            Toronto, ON

            M4J 4H7

            Phone: 416 406 6282


Sunnatul Jamaat of Ontario                                                

            347 Danforth Road

            Toronto, ON

            M1L 3X8

            Phone: 416-690-2298

            Phone: 416-691-8378


United Can. Muslim Assoc. of Ontario

            182 Rhodes Ave.

            Toronto, ON

            M4L 3A1

            Phone: 416-462-1401


Al-Sarah Islamic Bookstore (and Souvenirs)                          

            1395 Gerrard St. East

            Toronto, ON

            M4L 1Z3

            Phone: 416-778-8461


Afghan Info. & Rehab. Bureau (Masjid)

            132 Rail Side Rd. Unit 15

            Don Mills, ON

            M3A 1A3

            Phone: 416-391-4432


Makki Masjid                                                                                

            8450 Torbram Rd.

            Brampton, ON

            L6T 4M9

            Phone: 905-458-8778


Islamic Centre of Brampton

            900 Central Park Dr., Unit 98

            Brampton, ON

            L6S 3J6

            Phone: 905-458-7142


Muslim Community Services                                                            

            Suite 304, 150 Central Park Drive

            Brampton, ON

            L6T 2T9

            Phone: (905) 790-1910


Islamic Society of Peel                                                                   

            P.O. Box 51034

            Brampton, ON

            L6T 5M2

            Phone: 905-458-8778

            Fax: 905-790-6887


Al-Shura [Muslim Consultative Council]

            99 Beverley Hills Drive

            North York, ON

            M3L 1A2

            Phone: 416-245-5675


Revival Of Islamic Da'awah Centre                                      

            1888 Wilson Ave.

            North York, ON

            M9M 1A7

            Phone: 416-744-1479


Muslim American Society

            19 Varna Dr.

            North York, ON

            M6A 2L6

            Phone: 416-787-2146


Muslim American Society (MAS)                                          

            Toronto, ON

            Phone: 905-278-1504


Zafar Mosque

            153 Benworth Ave.

            North York, ON

            M6A 1P6

            Phone: 416-789-3445


Somali Youth Assoc. of Toronto

            2007 Lawrence Ave. W. #25

            York, ON

            M9N 1H4

            Phone: 416-247-6333


Jamia Riyadhul Jannah / Canadian Institute of Islamic Learning              

            6680 Campobello Road

            Mississauga, ON

            L5N 2L8

            Phone: (905) -783-8353


Istiqamah Islamic Centre of Ontario (IICO)                            

            3410 Semenyk Court Unit #3

            Mississauga, ON

            L5C 4P9

            Phone: (905) 270-6999


Al Jamia Al Islamia Canada Ltd                                            

            Mississauga, ON

            Phone: 905-279-3040


Canadian Islamic Organization, Inc.                                      

            2069 Kempton Park Dr

            Mississauga, ON

            L5M 2Z4

            Phone: 905-820-6129


Islamic Centre of Toronto

            2445 Homelands Dr. #45

            Toronto, ON

            L5K 2C6

            Phone: 905-823-6255


Canadian Islamic Association

            80 Avening Dr.

            Rexdale, ON

            M9V 1Y1

            Phone: 416-748-4902


Islamic Society

            4627 Fullmoon Circle

            Mississauga, ON

            L4Z 2A6             


Islamic Council of Toronto

            1038 Hanley Rd

            Mississauga, ON


Islamic Information & Daw'ah Centre International                  

            689 Queens St. W, Box 186

            Toronto, ON

            M6J 1E6

            Phone: 416-861-9244



            370 Huntington Ridge Dr.

            Mississauga, ON

            L5R 1P1

            Phone: 905-890-2047


Islamic Community School (ISNA School)

            1525 Sherway Dr.

            Mississauga, ON

            L4X 1C5

            Phone: 905-272-4303


Ashbal Scout Troop

            1525 Sherway Dr.

            Mississauga, ON

            L4X 1C5

            Phone: 905-272-4303


Islamic Propagation Centre

            5791 Coopers Ave. Bldg. #6  (5761 Coopers Ave. ?)

            Mississauga, ON

            L4Z 1R9

            Phone: 905-507-3323

            Phone: 905-828-5978


Islamic Association for Palestine

            92 Lakeshore Dr. E. Unit B1

            Mississauga, ON

            L5G 3E1

            Phone: 905-278-6493



            935 Eglinton Ave. W.

            Mississauga, ON

            L5R 1A6

            Phone: 905-858-7586  (or 905-858-7876)


Halton Islamic Association                                      

            4310 Fairview St.

            Burlington, ON

            L7L 4Y8

            Phone: 905-333-9856


Islamic Association of St. Catherines

            117 Geneva St.

            St. Catherines, ON

            L2R 4N3

            Phone: 905-641-8007


The Organization for Islamic Defense

        P.O. Box 106

        Breslau, ON

        M0B 1M0


Muslim Society of Guelph                                                               

            44 Marlborough Rd.

            Guelph, ON

            Phone: 519-767-0097


Hamilton Islamic Centre                                                     

            712 Mohawk St. E. Po.Box: 79523

            Hamilton, ON

            L8T 5A2

            Phone: 905-387-4956


Hamilton Mosque                                                              

            1545 Stonechurch Rd. East

            Hamilton, ON

            L8W 3P8

            Phone: 905-383-1526


Muslim Association of Hamilton                                                        

            c/o Hamilton Mosque , 1545 Stonechurch Rd. East

            Hamilton, ON

            L8W 3P8

            Phone: 905-383-1526


Masjid Rasul Al-Azam

            83 Sunrise Ave (just north of Victoria Park & O'Connor)

            Toronto, ON


Bader Islamic Association of Toronto                                                

        474 Roncesvalles Avenue

        Toronto, ON

        M6R 2N5

        Phone: 416-536-8343


Can. Turkish Isl. Heritage Assoc.

            336 Pape Ave.

            Toronto, ON

            M4M 2W7

            Phone: 416-469-9526

            Phone: 416-469-2610


Jami Mosque

            56 Boustead Ave

            Toronto, ON

            M6R 1Y9

            Phone: 416-769-1192

            Phone: 416-621-5328


Somali Islamic Society of Canada

            P.O. Box 16 Stn. "V"

            Toronto, ON

            M6R 3A4

            Phone: 416-533-6507


Masjid E Noor

            277 Scott Rd.

            Toronto, ON

            M6M 3V3

            Phone: 416-658-6667


Madina Masjid (Jamiatul Muslemin of Toronto)                       

            1015 Danforth Ave.

            Toronto, ON

            M4J 1M1

            Phone: 416-465-7833


Mohammad Mosque

            2514 Eglington Ave

            Toronto, ON


Croatian Islamic Centre

            75 Birmingham St.

            Etobicoke, ON

            M8V 2C3

            Phone: 416-255-8338


Islamic Association Ogazy Husrevy (Bosnian Community Mosque)

            4146 Dundas St. W.

            Etobicoke, ON

            M8X 1X3

            Phone: 416-233-5967


Islamic Community Centre of Ontario (ICCO)             

            30 Waulron St

            Etobicoke, ON

            Phone: 416-621-4411


The Arab Community - Centre                                            

            5268 Dundas St. W., #324

            Etobicoke, ON

            M9B 6E3

            Phone: 416-231-7746


Muslim World League - Office

            191 The West Mall #1018

            Etobicoke, ON

            M9C 5K8

            Phone: 416-622-2184


Jamaat Al Mu'minuun                                                        

            Etobicoke, ON

            Phone: 416-622-0488


Jamiah Al-Uloom Al-Islamiyyah                                            

            Toronto, ON

            Phone: 416-686-4003


Madresa Ashraful Uloom                                                                

            Toronto, ON

            Phone: 416-744-8141


Islamic Circle of North America (I.C.N.A.) (also, ICNA Book Service)

            100 McLevin Ave., Unit 3A

            Scarborough, ON

            M1B 2V5

            Phone: 416-609-2452


IDRF (International Development & Relief Foundation)

2 Berkeley Street, Suite 210, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 4J5

Tel: 416- 497-0818

Toll free: 1-866-497-IDRF (1-866-497-4373)



Canadian Council of Muslim Women                                     

            2400 Dundas St W, Suite 513

            Mississauga, ON

            L5K 2R8


Somali Bader Association

            100 McLevin Ave. Unit 9

            Scarborough, ON

            M1B 2V5

            Phone: 416-754-9411


Muslim Welfare Centre                                                                   

            100 McLevin Ave., #4A

            Scarborough, ON

            M1B 2V5

            Phone: 416-754-8116


Salaheddin Islamic Centre                                                  

            741 Kennedy Road

            Scarborough, ON

            M1K 2C6

            Phone: 416-264-3900


Kashmiri-Canadian Council                                     

            44516-2376 Eglinton Ave. E.,

            Scarborough, ON

            M1K 5K3

            Phone: 416-282-6933, 293-2608


Iranian Islamic Centre

            55 Estate Dr.

            Scarborough, ON

            Phone: 416-438-2221


Scarborough Muslim Association                                          

            2665 Lawrence Ave. E.

            Scarborough, ON

            M1P 2S2

            Phone: 416-750-2253


Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid                                           

            2665 Lawrence Avenue, East

            Scarborough, ON

            M1P 2S2

            Phone: 416-750-2253 and 1-800-561-2331


Islamic Foundation of Toronto                                                         

            441 Nugget Ave.

            Scarborough, ON

            M1S 5E1

            Phone: 416-321-UASK

            Phone: 416-321-0909 (Masjid Office)


Bilal Islamic Association of Toronto

            87 Gennela Source

            Scarborough, ON

            M1B 5B7

            Phone: 416-287-3259


Emdadul Islamic Jamaat

            15 Clubhouse Ct, Northwood Community Centre

            Scarborough, ON

            Phone: 416-746-5935  Contact: Haji Shamir Khan


Malvern Muslim Association                                    

            28 Nahanni Terr

            Scarborough, Toronto, ON

            M1B 1B8

            Phone: 416-472-1082

            Phone: 416-291-8377       

 Spiritual Society Centre                                    

            20 van Allan Road

            Scarborough, Toronto, ON

            M1G 1C2

            Phone: 416-618-4390

            Imdadul Islam Centre                                                                                

26 LePage Court

            North York, ON

            M3J 1Z9

            Phone: 416-636-0044

            Phone: 416-746-5935 (


Al-Falah Islamic Centre                                                                  

            391 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East,

            Oakville, ON

            L6J 4Z2

            Phone: 905-257-5782


Ontario Muslim Association

            73 Patricla Ave

            Willowdale, ON

            M2M 1J1            


Cambridge Islamic Centre                                                  

            16 International Village Dr.

            Cambridge, ON

            N1R 8G1

            Phone: 519-740-6855 

            Phone: 519-743-8755


Cambridge Muslim Association

            PO Box 2022

            Cambridge, ON

            N3C 2V6            


Cambridge Muslim Society                                                  

            P.O. Box 22

            Cambridge, ON

            N1R 5S9

            Phone: 519-623-0568


Sarnia Muslim Association

1609 London Line

Sarnia, Ontario

N7W 1A9        

Tel(519) 541-1335


Sarnia Masjid

281 Cobden Street


519 337 2304


Waterloo Masjid

            213 Erb St. W.

            Waterloo, ON

            N2L 1V6

            Phone: 519-886-8470


Masjid Hussein

            65 5th Ave

            Kitchener, ON

            N2C 1P5

            Phone: 519-748-0194


Islamic Union

            325 Pioneer Dr

            Kitchener, ON

            N2P 1K6            


Canadian Islamic Organization

            29 Burr Cres.

            Unionville, ON

            L3R 9B8

            Phone: 416-745-1211


Brantford Muslim Association

            PO Box 174

            Brantford, ON

            N3T 5M8            

            Phone: 416-756-2120

            Phone: 519-753-5449


London Muslim Mosque

            151 Oxford St. West

            London, ON

            N6H 1S3

            Phone: 519-439-9451

            Phone: 905-679-6468


Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario                        

            951 Pond Mills Road

            London, ON


Islamic Society of Niagara Peninsula                                    

            6768 Lyons Creek Rd

            Niagara Falls, ON

            L2E 6S5

            Phone: 416-295-4845

            Phone: 905-295-4845


Windsor Islamic Association                                                            

            1320 Northwood Dr

            Windsor, ON

            N9E 1A4

            Phone: 519-966-2355       


Noor-e-Islam Madressa                                                                  

            Lincon Road

            Windsor, ON

            Phone: (519) 252-8001


Thunder Bay Muslim Association                                          

            P.O. Box 24026, 70 Court Street

            Thunder Bay, ON

            P7A 4T0

            Phone: 807-767-7380       


Islamic Association of Sudbury                                            

            755 Churchill Avenue

            Sudbury, ON

            P3A 4A1

            Phone: 705-525-PRAY (7729)


Peel Islamic Cultural Centre (Taha Musallah)

499 Ray Lawson Aveneu 

Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4E6, Canada
Phone: 905-455-9400


Manitoba Islamic Association                                               

            247 Hazlewood Ave

            Winnipeg, MB

            R2M 4W1

            Phone: 204-256-1347


Islamic Association of Manitoba

            Box 44, 900 John Bruce Rd

            Winnipeg, MB

            R2M 4W2                                   


Regina Islamic Centre/ Islamic Association of Saskatchewan     

            3273 Montaque St.

            Regina, SK

            S4S 1Z8

            Phone: 306-585-0090

Regina Huda School (Islamic School)

40 Sheppard Street



S4R 3M6


           Phone: 306- 565-1988 

Musallah Al-Noor

1450 Park Street



S4N 2G2

Islamic Society of Regina

14-87 Hanbidge Cr



S4R 7C4


            Phone: 306-737-7580

Saskatoon Islamic Centre                                                   

            222 Copland Crescent

            Saskatoon, SK

            S7H 2Z5

            Phone: 306-665-6424

            Phone: 306-249-4315


Islamic Centre of Swift Current

            369 Powell Cres.

            Swift Current, SK

            S9H 4C7

            Phone: 306-778-3311


C.M. Assoc. of Lac La Biche                                                

            P.O. Box 641

            Lac La Biche, AB

            T0A 2C0

            Phone: 780-623-4578

            Phone: 780-623-2412

East Calgary Islamic Centre, Calgary                                                

            225 28th St. S.E.

            Calgary, AB

            T2A 5K4

            Phone: 403-248-2773


The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC)

            Calgary, AB

            17th Ave and Sarcee Train SW       

            Phone: 403-242-1615


Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre (Mosque), Downtown Calgary



(Between 3rd & 4th Ave. SE and near the 2nd Street, SE)

Phone: (403)- 280-4484


Gunbad-e-Khazra (Green Dome) Masjid, Calgary NE

4616 80th Avenue, N.E.

Calgary, Alberta

Phone: 403-590-8200


Salah El Deen Mosque, Red Deer                                                                    

            195 Douglas Ave.

            Red Deer, AB

            T4R 2G2

            Phone: 403-347-5812


Canadian Islamic Centre/Al-Rashid Mosque, Edmonton                            

            13070 113th St.

            Edmonton, AB

            T5E 5A8

            Phone: 780-451-6694


Muslim Community of Edmonton/University Mosque, Edmonton                

            10721-86th Ave.

            Edmonton, AB

            T6E 2M8

            Phone: 780-432-0208

            Phone: 780-439-8738


Downtown Islamic Association/Sahaba Mosque, Edmonton                                   

            9216 105 Ave.

            Edmonton, AB

            T5H 0J5

            Phone: 780-426-3632


Quba Mosque, Edmonton                                                                   

            11517 105 Ave.

            Edmonton, AB

            T5H 3Y5

            Phone: 780-426-6373

            Phone: 780-424-7729


Markaz-Ul-Islam, Edmonton                                                               

            7907 36th Ave.

            Edmonton, AB

            T6K 3S6

            Phone: 780-450-6170

            Phone: 780-436-0466

Jamia Riyadhul Jannah, Edmonton

           331- 71 Street SW

           Edmonton, Alberta

           T6X 1A3

            Phone: 780-721-3645


British Columbia

Tri-City Islamic Centre                                                                   

            PO Box 672

            Port Coquitlam, BC

            V3B 6H9

            Phone: 604-945-1885


Masjidur Rahmah                                                                          

            13585 62nd Avenue

            Surrey, BC

            Phone: (604) 597-7863


Fiji Islamic Centre                                                             

            12988 - 84th Avenue

            Surrey, BC

            V3M OK6

            Phone: 604-321-6566/572-7873



            14136 Grosvenor Road

            Surrey, BC

            V3R 5G8

            Phone: 604-585-4832


Masjid al-Noor                                                                              

            13526 98A Avenue

            Surrey, BC

            V3T 1C8

            Phone: 604-930-9742


Masjid at-Taqwa (Surrey Mosque)                                                    

            12407 72nd Ave.

            Surrey, BC

            V3W 2M5

            Phone: 604-591-7601


Dar Al-Madinah Islamic Society                                           

            225 W. 5th Ave

            Vancouver, BC

            Phone: (604) 873-8580


Al-Qur'an and Sunnah Society

            P.O. Box 80744

            Burnaby, BC

            V5H 3Y1


Islamic Information Centre                                                 

            3127 Kingsway

            Vancouver, BC

            V5R 5J9

            Phone: (604) 43-ISLAM (434-7526) (10:00 am - 5:00 pm, weekdays)


Pakistan Canada Association/Jamia Masjid                 

            655 W. 8th Ave.

            Vancouver, BC

            V5Z 1C7

            Phone: 604-803-7344 (Office)


British Columbia Muslim Association                                      

            12300 Blundell Rd.

            Richmond, BC

            V6W 1B3

            Phone: 604-270-2522


Masjidul Jami                                                                   

            12300 Blundell Road

            Richmond, BC

            V6W 1B3

            Phone: 604-270-2522


Muslim Community of British Columbia                                              

            3360 Sexsmith Rd

            Richmond, BC

            V6X 2H8                        



Vancouver Islamic Educational Foundation

            P.O. Box 23095, A.M.F. Vancouver

            Vancouver, BC

            V7B 1T9


Masjid Al-Iman/ BC Muslim Association (Victoria Branch)          

            2218 Quadra Street

            Victoria, BC

            Phone: 250-995-1422

            Phone: 250-995-1433



Last update: February 23, 2012






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