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Sara asked 1 year ago


I have a question regarding marriage.

About 2 years ago I went to the middle east, whilst I was there I met a guy and we started getting on well etc. Overtime, we became more than just friends. I decided to extend my stay for another 4 weeks. I had only booked a hotel for 2 weeks and an additional 4 weeks would cost too much. So what we decided was to get an apartment for the extra 4 weeks I’d be there for.

The country where I went to requires all couples wanting to share accommodations to have a valid marriage certificate. In that country if a man wants to share a accommodation with a foreign women all he has to do is sign a single document (you can get this  from the local  government office) and both are to sign it with only 2 witnesses. 

He got the document and got two of his friends to sign as witnesses ,I was present when they were signing the document. One of the witnesses did not even know my name or anything about me and the other only knew me by my nickname. ( i hadn’t written my details on the document yet, at the time). Non of the witnesses asked me if I agree to the marriage, they just assumed I did as I was okay to sign the document. I was present when they were signing the document.

There was no mention of mehr and neither did he give me any. Also on the form it did say that both parties accept this as a Islamic marriage and a few more duties the husband will have (in the marriage) after signing the document.

My question is that is am I married under Islamic ruling?