QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceAssalamu alaikum (1)Whoever recites Salat upon me one time, Allah sends ten mercies upon him. And whoever recites Salat upon me ten times, Allah sends 100 blessings upon him and whoever recites Salat upon me 100 times, Allah will write between both of his eyes that he is free from hypocrisy and the hellfire; and Allah will keep him with the martyrs on the Day of Judgement. (Al-Mu’jam-ul-Awsat, vol. 5, pp. 252, Hadees 2735) (2)Whoever recites Salat upon me thousand times a day; he will not die until he sees his place in Jannah.(Attargheeb fi Fada`il-ul-A’maal, pp. 14, Hadees 19) My question is (1)Will those who read the salawat 100 times have the honor of martyrdom? 2)If "sal lal lahu alayhi wa sallam" salawat is read 1000 times, will Paradise be seen before death?
Shazma asked 10 months ago

Aoa AssalamOalikum 
My sis in law refer me so i can get an solution i did my daughter nikkah last year she know the guy from 4 years but on and off about him and when she said yes to him again and his family ask again then with her permission we said yes she just want it verbally but we did nikkah as we dont want her to change her mind again and second my husband think if she wants to go out or anything then its halal relationship as we want to do her Rukhsati ( start living with her husband house) after 1 year when she finished her school she was 23 that time…but 6 month  before her Marriage date she was in serious relationship with other guy she knows that she is nikkahfied and can not merry him so she ask for help in the beginning we refused even to listen thats its not possible but she cry and on depression and told us i never been so sure about him but this guy i am 200% sure we both really love each other and that guy was serious too he told his parents about her too and ready to get merried but due to all cultural pressure and the big wedding we re throwing we refused in the last week i even feel like helping her but too late i can’t she was in depression and threat me to do something wrong with her , she request to cancel the wedding as she don’t want to pursue with that husband and dont want to move and start new relationship but we refused to listen and forced her to finished the wedding and move with husband she was so quiet , cry but she did because of our respect in society now after merried she still not accept her husband and said whenever he is closed i only think about him and when we remibd its Cheating in Islam then her question is who make me do that? I told you i dont want to move on and want divorse and merry the one i want? Is it really our fault? What should we do as a parents knowing that our daughter is not happy and only trying this time to make us happy and alredy told us if she cant and her limits done then she will ask for divorse and get merried to the love of her life please i feel so guilty for all the forcing i did what should i do?