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alina asked 2 years ago

Assalamualaikum. i am a 22 years old girl and i have been always into Islam with all my heart and i have always trusted Allah\’s decision and always been answered by him. even if something doesn\’t came according to me then too i was always sure that Allah\’s plans are better than mine and in the end i had been always happy. now before the commencement of Ramadan we did a bit of vacations and i did not pray any salah there and supplicated very little. it was always in my mind that i am doing something wrong and that i should take care of my salah and supplication. but as Ramadan was coming i was very happy and was prepare to continue with every salah and supplications. But something new and very hard happened to me on first day. i started comparing my islamic duties with others and was trapped in inferiority complex. i thought that if they supplicate so much than surely i need to do more than them to be near to Allah. in my heart i am realising that this is totally wrong. i started feeling that anytime anything bad can happen to me and my prayers may not be answered by Allah(SWT) and other bad thoughts also started coming in my mind and this is seriously affecting my prayers. please help me. i want to make most of Ramadan but i am unable to do so. jazakAllah