QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamCan i kill a spider
Muslimah asked 2 years ago

Asalam allaykum,
I had three instance where a big spider came into my house and after I recited a dua, the spider reacted to it and ran away. First instance I was trying to get into the shower and I said “bissmiallah, allahuma a’oozu min khabuzi waa khabaiizi” and the spider ran straight towards me then stopped after i recited the dua repeatedly then it struggled where it stood, appearing to fight something to the left and right then ran away. A second time I had a bad dream and I got up and I started praying and behind me was a big spider on the wall when I made the same dua it struggled the same as the one in the washroom then ran up the wall and I played the Quran, surat Al baqarah and left the room and when i came back i haven’t seen it since. I guess my question is…. Is the spider fighting the jinn in the house or is it possessed by a jinn and running away because the dua….i need to know because there are often one/two spiders in my house and I used to kill them then I started trapping them to release them but they come at the most unfortunate times when i am cooking or when i am writing a paper. please let me know if I should kill them and what steps to take to purify my house