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Asif mahmud asked 7 months ago

I am a student of a public university .. I had to sit for an admission exam to get myself admitted here .. in my inter exam(another exam) I cheated. I can’t refrain myself from doing
this my admission exam a partial mark come from that exam..i placed 34th
and got cse …now I placed 5th in my department. but I always feel like that I cheated on somebody .. it comes to my mind that I cheated on the inter exam and get more numbers what I deserved which increase my position in the admission exam. As the number of students of our university are fixed so i think for me a student cant get himself
admitted. Now what I have to do .. these types of thinking gives me pain. next
weak I have exams but I can’t even study properly…Should I stop studying here or what should I do seeking forgiveness to Allah is enough ??  every year our government allocate money for the students .. am I the right owner ??