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miski osman asked 1 year ago

asalaamu alaykum. i was having a debate with my mum about a certain topic that we do not agree on. in my community there has been a rise in people marrying converts to islam maa sha allah. however sometimes the converts decide to leave islam and go back to their old ways a few years into the marriage. at this point they have many kids together and sometimes western laws benefit the non Muslim wife than the muslim husband so in this case he has little influence on his kids. my mum believes that the muslim husband is allowed to “steal” his kids and run to another country and bring them up in islam or to leave your kids and family forever and start a new life as they are no longer your responsibility. obviously i disagree but i dont know if im right to disagree because im told im just being too soft and not following islam so i am confused. in shaa allah you’ll help bring a conclusion to this.