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NADEEM KHAN asked 1 year ago

Assalam walaikum  I am in situation about 5 years ago my wife went back to where she was born about a week later when my wife was gone I got a call from a job that I had applied for and I was asked to come in for orientation. I text my wife telling her  that I got job and she should come back one week earlier so I can start my job the job was in another city about 3 hours from where I live while texting her we both started getting mad cause my wife didn\’t want to come home earlier I was texting my wife, and my wifes sister took her phone and started texting me after some conversation she cursed at me and did the same to her when my wife came back I asked her about how her sister  cursed at me  she goes well u cursed at her sister that topic ened there resently my daughter was blamed for something that she didn\’t do upon hearing that my daughter was accused for something she didn\’t do It was heard by my wife that her sister in law blamed my daughter for something she didn\’t my wife didn\’t go and talk to them to see if the blaming was true or not so she cut all communication with her brother and his wife about 3 weeks ago my wife and my daughter went back to where they were born and raised after a week later I text her I told her to come early she told me no  and then I told my wife she needs for to cut communication with her sister thinking is if someone can blame my daughter and we would cut all communication with her cousin brother and his wife then y can\’t my wife cut all communication with her sister since she cursed at me if my wife can cut ties with someone then y can\’t my wife do that for me and cut all communication with her sister Am I right or in the wrong for telling my wife to cut all communication with sister I am not happy with my wife and she knows she is not supposed to do what she feels like