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Taiba asked 1 year ago
  1. Salam brother,

I just wanted to reach out to you because one of my friends asked me a very important question and I have some difficulty answering it, I did my research but I cant seem to find the verses
To prove myself and I know because you have been studying the Quran for a few years now you can also be a good resource
Her question was why men have superiority over men and are allowed to raise their hands on women when the same can’t be said about women.
Now I understand that men are protectors and maintainers of women but I can’t find any scholars or sheikhs who speak about women who raise Hands on their husband now I understand that women are too respect their husbands and provide for their families I couldn’t find anything that speaks about this issue
If you could just clarify this it would be a great help
Why are women not allowed to raise their hands on men when they commit sins and behave in ways that go against righteousness and the word of Allah Swt