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Abdul Niyas asked 2 years ago

In the name of Allah most gracious and merciful

Aslam alikum

I’m living corrupted city, & corrupted family. Father & mother only Muslim name, both are never follow salah and anything. Father (he never attend salah including eid, given interest “riba” based loan to another person, alcohol drinking every day, after drinking beaten to me or my mother, used to abusive bad words “using bad words really worst”, committing zina “doing all haram”) before and after drinking same attitude, mother supporting their husband, she is love their husband, she speak unnecessary speech, solus speech, bad words and father inside home she is speak correctly, not solus speeches. Both are give to mind pressure, last time I’m suicide attempt in emotionally do, but Allah protected to hell.

I’m stammering person, parents nothing treatment this issue, after I’m like to go speech therapy I asked father, he said, I don’t have money, I now he is good wealth, I’m asked mother, she said, goto job and take care your own, both don’t care about me.

Another issue it’s just accident, bike accident, I think better go to hospital, I’m and mother goto hospital in taxi, I said to mother pay taxi charge, she said, why I give money I don’t have it. Two days before I give money. Inside hospital doctor suggest go to ICU, I give debit card to sister pay via this card.

1st time

I raised any question, get out my home said father, I’m transferred job to another city, after thinking he anger so he said this word, after go to home.

Monthly twice go to home.

2nd time

Same issue mother said get out my home

Again I’m go-to another city and

Monthly twice go to home, 1 year later one day father call me, he said, why u alone come to home, after I’m goto home

I’m doing business in home town, I’m already asked father, detailed said to some difficulty, so don’t Interventionism this business, he said ok, after he Interventionism business, now business is closed.

Both doing many scenario, I’m just couple of thing said, because you realize my mentolity.

Allah guide right path, I salah prophet path, reading quran, and learning, now I’m in india some difficulties in religion based example. Sufism, sunnah wal jamath, he is not pray prophet way & graves awwulia inside mosque, so I’m avoid, another one thowheed jamath (tntj) he rejected many shaheeh haddith, so I learn my self and carefully for nothing go to wrong.

Suicide is haram I will never do.

Now I don’t like stay with home and parents

1. Islam not allow ties relationship

2. One haddith said, Allah like correct timing perform salah, after help parents, after jihad, so Allah give preference for parents.

3. Allah said 31:14, 15 help parents

4. Allah said Ibrahim(peace upon him) ties father relationship because him father said I will kill u & disbelieve.

5. Allah said: O you who have believed, do not take your fathers or your brothers as allies if they have preferred disbelief over belief. And whoever does so among you –  then it is those who are the wrongdoers. 9:23

I think & feel it’s not good to stay with parents for both behaviors.

Now Age 30 I like to marriage but just now no job, wealth is no good, I’m finding job and some difficulties job searching for stammering, just now unable to marry it’s ok insha Allah soon as get job and another fear to marriage, My parents, how to treat her?, I think why spoil another women’s life, and after marriage many possibility to say “get out my home”.

Insha Allah, Allah will give better job and life.

Missing details

3 sisters in my family, all of lives with their husband, she’s also not perform salah, 2 sisters advise goto your future don’t believe parents, 1 sister support father to financially.

How to handle this?

My question is:

1. Stay with parents or not? For these case.

2. Marriage fear?

What is ur Decision.

I’m nothing, I have tiny knowledge

I’m waiting for ur reply email to

May Allah reward you with good