Shifat asked 8 months ago

Brother, we are a practicing muslim family. My husband prays, but not very regular. But he is a honest and good person by character. My husband suddenly is very anxious and worried after an incident. So after going to bed, just when he was feeling sleepy(in 30 mins of going to bed), he felt someone is pulling him from the bed! And so he was very scared and was shouting fearfully in order to free him. Then we came to room and then he explained this scenario. He feels it felt like he was completely awake, but i feel he was sleepy! This incident made him very anxious and therefore I(his wife) am also very worried. I do recite Surah Naas, Falak, Ikhlas each 3 times, Ayat ul Kursi and last 2 verses of Baqara. I also played some Ruqya you tube videos.Please let us know what more we can do so that we dont experience any such incident again. We live in NE. Please reply to me asap.