QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceFiancee confesses to watching p***
Sam asked 9 months ago

Hi, i feel embarrased to even ask such a question. But i need some help. I am supposed to have my nikkah with a man who recently confessed to me that he has watched p*** and has also masturb.- Due to stress. He prays, fasts and i honestly did not see this coming. I thought maybe when a boy is young he slips but to know that he watches and induldged in such acts has left me feeling uneasy. I told him how before me, he must fear Allah Swt. He was very guilty and said he will stop completly but it isnt easy, and he honestly had forgotten/lost sight of the magnitude of that sin. He prayed for repentence. But its only been a few days since all this has happend. I dont know how to even approach this situation. Do i still marry him knowing this, i dont know.