QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceI do not want to marry my fiancee
Nashmiya asked 3 months ago

Asalam-u-Alaikum I am a young Muslim girl. I have been engaged for more than a year and my Nikkah is scheduled after 3 days. I had previously faced complications with my fiancée and there had been many issues. Now everything is better and everyone is happy but I cannot convince myself to marry him. I fear I would not be able to treat him properly as a lawful wife and i fear this will add to my sins. I do not want to marry him and have told my parents about it as well but as only a few days are left and preparations are done, they did not support me. Moreover, I have developed an inclination towards a guy since last 5 months but have been ignoring and trying to conceal my feelings. Since last month it has become difficult for me. Recently i came to know that guy too has feelings and is looking foward to do Nikkah any way possible. I have tried to tell my parents about him to let us do the Nikkah instead of with my fiancee, because i cannot seem to like him. Please guide me. I am very scared because it is forbidden for a person to approach another while he/she is engaged but I did not do anything unlawful or wrong with the other guy.
Please guide me, I do not know what to do and have been praying to Allah to let the other guy and me be together because I do not want to ruin anyone’s life as a wife or build my sins as a wrong wife and i too want to marry the other guy. Jazak Allah.