QuestionsCategory: Purity in Islamif vaneers on teeth are allowed, then is nail polish on nails allowed in islam?
nazra hassan asked 2 years ago

assalam u alaikum
can you please tell me if wearing nail polish and doing wudu over it is allowed? what if we do wudu first then put on the nail polish? two pakistani scholars, maulana mohammed ishaq and dr javed ghamidi have said it is ok if we do wudu first, then put on nail polish. i found a total of 5 scholars who said it is ok.
i got vaneers put on my front teeth to close up a gap, purely for cosmetic reasons, not medical reasons. i read that wudu is permissible over the vaneers because it becomes part of our natural teeth. isn’t nail polish the same, doesn’t it become part of our natural nail then?
why is vaneers for cosmetic reasons, to look better, allowed, but not nail polish?
Allah says He does not want to put people in any difficulty and that people should not go to extremes… then why do most ulama go to extremes and say if water doesn’t reach our real nail then wudu isn’t valid, even though nail polish becomes a part of our nail, and Quran says, wash your hands. 
can you please tell me your opinion about this?
jazakallah Khair