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tavoline karrige asked 2 years ago

i have ocd. I suffer extremely much from blastphemous thoughts. When I am defecating a flash of thought appears in me as if I am defecating on Allah. When I am hitting something a flash of thought appears on me as if I am hitting Allah. The most horrible are the sexual blastphemous thoughts. A flash of thought appears in me as if I am hitting Allah with my genital organ. These flashes last from several seconds to several minutes. Are these things sins that reach the level of kufr or simply major sins that don’t put me beyond the pale of islam or minor sins. Are feelings and thoughts the same thing because feelings appear to be much more deeply rooted in the heart(example: if you have the feeling of sexual arousal toward Allah is this kufr or only major sin that doesn’t reach the level of kufr? How many seconds or minutes does a passing thought last? If you have a blastphemous feeling(like sexual excitement, pleasure, love, hatred) or image(insulting to Allah) or sound(insulting to Allah) or words and sentences that stay in your mind for 20 minutes do you have sin that reaches the level of kufr? Do you have sin that reaches the level of kufr for not moving your mind away from them within seconds or minutes? Or you have only major sin like backbiting, theft, usury or minor sin? How can I distinguish when I deliberately bring bad thoughts to mind to satisfy my desires( like sexual thoughts) and thoughts that come to me without me wanting them? How big is the sin of deliberately bringing bad thoughts to mind?(the most common sexual thoughts) what about deliberately bringing bad thoughts that are insulting to Allah?. i have feelings of extreme blashemy like sexual acts with allah that come in different forms including feelings that pass the body, sounds ,images. the most difficuilt thing is distinguishing if i have any part in them. is pleasure from evil like how great iblis is kufr? Is the description in detail of blasphemy like I did in these question kufr, major, minor, or not sinful at all?