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kiran qazi asked 2 years ago

Asalamulaikum. I needed to discuss a situation with you and would love to hear your input. My brother has been married for two years, and has two children. One day he and his wife went out for a romantic dinner alone and were speaking to each other about how much they loved each other and to please never leave each other’s side. During that conversation his wife said “I could never leave you, ever, it’s too hard for me to ever do that. But if anything don’t ever leave me. It’s easy for you to leave, all you have to do is just say three words”. My brother took this statement and thought she was asking him if he knew what those three words and as if she was asking him to recall the words out loud. So he proceeded to say “yeah it’s I want talak talak talak, no, it’s I give talak talak talak”. His wife then got upset and said why did you say those words out loud?! He said it was because he thought she was asking him if he knew those words, that she told him to say it, so he just mentioned them. He did not say those words to be directed towards her in seriousness or even as a funny joke. But rather was just mentioning the words because of some miscommunication where he thought she was asking him about it. They were worried that it had an affect on their nikkah. He highly regrets even uttering those words in a conversation. I told them I would try and inquire some information and hence I am reaching out to you. I’ve been doing research of my own and have seen that speaking the words of divorce, if just trying to remember or mention them, is considered the story of divorce and has no affect on the nikkah since it was not directed to her in seriousness or in jest. He loves her a lot and would not give her a divorce like that jokingly while having a sentimental conversation. Secondly, I also have been reading that saying divorce once twice three times or a thousand times at once is only considered as one divorce. Please if you can give some insight to this matter that would be great. Thank you!!

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ISCC Staff answered 1 year ago

Wa Alykum Assalam
Since the person had no intention and he said it just to confirm never use those words. Therefore, it’s not talaq. Next time both of you must be very careful. JazakAllah