Parisheh asked 2 years ago

Assalam u Alaikum
sir i am in a very confusing situation that i got committed 2 years back,my fiance was not a good looking person even at that time (chubby & dark, but he took care of his appearance & tried to maintain) but i was impressed from his kind nature, still he is good at character really cares for me
but after some time he stopped caring about his appearance, he started looking ugly, even more dark, he got weight gain (115kgs) & looks so fat now a days, he is getting so bad that even after remembering all his else character i do not any more feel attracted to him,
i really tried to cope up with him but i feel disconnected to him & i am scared that i will not be happy with him or may fall into sin by looking or falling for other men, also hurting my fiance. (may Allah save us from all the sins)
I am not happy with him , i left him, without telling him actual reason so he may get hurt, but now he says that he will not forgive me at any cost, but still i do not feel connected to him , as martiage is a very sacred bond but i do not feel attracted also i am not happy, and he is not forgiving me what should i do ,i am very worried please help me how can i make him forgive me , plz help plz