AbdAllah asked 9 months ago

Salam alaikoum Shaikh,
I know a girl now for 8 years, I decided multiple times to leave her but I keep going back to her, we are now living in different cities since 5 years but we keep talking and see each other twice a year. The worst part is that we did zina but no penetration, may Allah forgive us.
I love her and she does love me as well. The problem is that I want to marry her now but she does not want to wear hijab for now and she asked me to give her time to wear it in the future. I asked her at least to improve her way of dressing to cover as much as possible and she agreed. She is Muslima, has good manners, she does not smoke or drink and she prays and fasts hamdulillah. She came here when she was 11 and her mother never wore hijab, that is why I find it hard to convince her.
I am asking for your advice whether I should marry her or not? I just want to be blessed with a good muslim family and go back to the right path. And if it takes to break our hearts then I am ready for that but I am not ready to lose my deen for the sake of love. What do you think shaikh? Please advise me Jazaka Allaho khayran.