Aysha asked 8 months ago

I have been married for one year and two months I have baby already who is three months old my husband wants be to be pregnant again soon as possible whenever I say I need some time he gets frustrated and say things like why would I marry such a young girl if she can’t bear children continously I’m only 20 and he is 34  also he requires a alot of sex and I have never said no but once I was so tired I said no he got so mad he didn’t speak to me  for two days what am I suppose to do in this situation? He also have another wife and mostly compares how energetic she is in bed and how easily she gave him six kids and is still ready to have more I don’t mind having kids in the beginning when he came to meet me for this first time he have told me he will be wanting alot of kids and he is doing this second marriage cause he is financially capable of taking care of us also he said his first wife knows about this marriage but she actually don’t know and said u can’t contact her which I said okay