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AsSalaam alayikum 
I have been married nearly 4 years, my husband is a Canadian citizen, prior to getting married he told me he:

  • prays
  • fasts
  • recites quran
  • wants to be more closer to his deen and practice it 
  • said he and his family eat halal
  • told me he doesn’t do drugs
  • told me he will quit smoking once married
  • he was divorced with 2 kids promised my family and me that if his ex says anything bad to me he will be there for me and put a stop to it 

But when we got married I found out he:

  • he doesn’t pray, doesn’t read Quran and didn’t fast and doesn’t eat halal, I tried to get him to pray with me but he would rather watch tv, he and his family would  lie and say meat was halal when it wasn’t and they made a big issue saying what is halal and always put me down saying halal is just a brand I stopped eating any meat in their house because didn’t want to eat non halal 
  • He lied about not taking drugs he was an addict he wasted over $200k on drugs and never provided for he 
  • he never quit smoking, his smoking made me ill gave me bronchitis many times
  • he never protected me from his ex when she swore at me 
  • whenever I tried talking about Islam he was never interested 
  • I found out he watches porn and always perving on other women which was so disrespectful for me 

on on top of all the above he always swore at me my family and even his ex would swear at me and he would not say anything to he his kids I took good care of them when they came over but they didn’t even say salaam to me and never appreciated what I did for them.
He also made me work with him and kept my share of my income and he never gave me any money for my personal needs but he spent hundreds and thousands on his kids and even gave his ex wife money in the 4 years of marriage he has not supported me financially or emotionally.
Because of the stress from his ex always swearing at me my body shut down I fell ill and was referred to a specialist when I was ill because he didn’t do my Permanent Residency for Canada I didn’t have health card so couldn’t get treatment so my health deteriorated 
when I visited family abroad he didn’t pay for my tickets nor gave he for money I had to try and get money for ticket myself and other times my family paid but I would have no spending money while I was away he would spend hundreds on kids and give his ex and waste money on his drugs 
that’s is just a brief summary of my marriage I feel I can’t take living like this anymore he hardly talks to me he’s always watching tv and doesn’t talk to me I still try to be a good wife his family know how he’s been treating me but they don’t do anything about it, I feel he is not good for me And doesn’t practice his deen. 
my condition has got worse health wise also suffering from anxiety getting chest pains feeling emotional I can’t live this life anymore please advice me what my rights are islamicaly on the following:

  • If my family and I knew he doesn’t pray, fast takes drugs we would never had agreed to the marriage does this make the marriage void 
  • Because he lied should he compensate my family what we spent on the wedding and also give me my Mahr
  • he deprived me from working for 4 years should I be compensated for my loss of earnings 
  • He forced me to work with him because he didn’t have driving licence and needed someone to drive and do deliveries but  he didn’t give me my share of income he took it all 
  • As my husband he didn’t support me for 4 years but gave his ex $60,000 should he give same amount to me as support? 
  • My health has been destroyed I have to live with it for the rest of my life I guess there is no price on health 

jazakilla khair