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Jannatul ferdaus asked 1 year ago

have several question in my mind regarding marriage and divorce.. Plz answer them all. Im so much tensed and depressed about that 😓 …
1) i was in a relationship with a boy and one day we decided to getting marrie.. The boy was very far from my city.. We Haven’t see each other that time when the marriage happened … The boy arranged two witnesses and write down our names location, age ( our age is ok for marriag) etc everythings which needed for marriage thn he read them loudly and i was listening them over phone… Then we both said kubul thrice ( the. Witnesses  didnt hear nothing not our kabul and other marriage descriptio)       .. My family and his family was totally unknown about the marriag.. And all this things happened over phone and not even video call… Now my question is our marriage happened or valid? (I have read that many scholars says that marriage happens if there has two witnesses and boy and girl is agree)
2) after some days, we quarreled and i misunderstood him and i said him you have to talaq me.. I don’t want to keep this marriage ( i was so angry and also misunderstandood him) he was not ready to give me talaaq and i was showing him tablets and knife just for make him afraid.. Then he said talaq ( he or me can’t remember that, is he said talaq thrice or once) after somedays we patch up .. My question is – suppose, if our marriage was valid then should we consider that our talak happened?
3) i didn’t know that, after 3 talaaq the wife become haram for husband.. I know that, they can husband wife again after marriage themselves again ( Without marring someone els) i get to know the truth tomorrow and became so frustrated.. If i knew that, i never force him to do so.. Recently both of our family decided to give marry with each other.. Our engagement is very close . Now i get to know that truth. Im afraid, am i became Haram for him. We both done talaaq without knowing the l conditions and reality of talaaq. Now we are so much tensed. What can we so now? If our talaq happened, can’t we be together again after tawba as far as we Don’t knew the reality of talaq