QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceMy fiance still drinks
Alaa asked 7 months ago

Assalamualikum sheikh. I got engaged(aqd al zawaj) recently to a man I don’t know, he confessed to my brother before we got engaged that he used to do drugs, drink and smoke weed but only tried it all once and asked Allah for forgiveness and never repeated it again. I still accepted him as he said he stopped and repented. We’re engaged now and he told me he’s taking sleeping pills again and that the doctor told him he should smoke weed once or twice so he can stay calm, and then a few days after he told me that he still drinks but very little and that he’s slowly trying to quit. Is it okay what he’s doing? He says he’s afraid if he stops drinking completely he’ll go back to it and do worse. Should I stay with this man? And support him so he can become a better Muslim or should I leave him in fear of him not leaving the haram and his bad habits that will affect our life and my children’s life in the future. Please get back to me ASAP, Sheikh. Thank you.