QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceMy marriage is breaking appart
Ebrahim Ali asked 1 year ago

Assalamu alaykum sheikh, I really don’t know what to do? I am having some jealousy & hatred towards my wife younger sister’s husband because once my wife praised him for being extra taking care for his wife, as a husband I’m doing my level best to take care of my wife, I did let know my wife that I really got hurt and it’s bothering me, she apologised me but I forgive her but finding it difficult to forget, also when my wife was pregnant her sister’s husband wanted to organise baby shower event for my wife and wanted give surprise to my wife, I as a man having ghayrah I refused and made an excuse to not attend due to work, busy etc but he still insisted to take my wife alone by his car whether I could attend or not. These kind of things are effecting my mind and thoughts and I feel afraid to disclose my feelings & thoughts to both parties for incase if the both sisters break ties & severe their relationship because of me