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Mandie asked 1 year ago

As salamu-aleikum to all sisters and brothers,
I am 18-year old girl. I have long distance relationship with one boy, he is 19-year old. We both are from same country, but we dont live at the same country. We are ”together” now almost 2 years and we are planning for marriage, he is really good and good muslim, i cant find bad thing from him about islam and good things. But there is a problem, we want to get marry but my family is a problem. My family says always the guy who i will marry someday should be rich and so good educated. They said the guy have to give me to much golds and those things when its proposing time.
So me and this boy, he is not rich like really rich, but we can both live together and make good money. And we love really each other. So what should i do when my parents says ”no” to this boy who is coming for me???
If they never say yes for this boy, can i leave my family? Or what??
Please i need help!! 🙁
Thank u so much!