Muslimah asked 9 months ago

Salam, before I ask my question I am hoping your answer will be privately sent to me rather than broadcasted on your website as I consider this a personal matter. My question is regarding my situation, it is a bit complex and I’ve been worried a lot lately about whether what I’m doing is sinful. 4 years ago when I was in my last year of school I heard from a classmate that a boy in my class sees me as someone he wants to marry due to my religious character. Me and this boy who said he wants to marry me never sat alone or had a talk alone or did anything inappropriate together. He simply observed me from far away as a person he would want to marry due to my good character, and when I heard how this young man wanted to marry for that reason caused me to feel love within me towards this person. The basis of our attraction towards each other was purely based on the good characters of each other. When I got home that same day I prayed istikhara asking Allah to make him my husband if he’s good for me. I put my faith in Allah completely to guide me in that situation and I replied to his text message in which he asked for my number. My intention for giving him my number was so I could understand if he was serious about marrying me. Once he took my number we didn’t talk except about matters concerning our school exams but one day he opened the topic of marriage randomly asking me to wait for him until he completes his education so he could talk to my dad when he is capable of marrying me. I accepted but I was unable to tell my parents because he was still not in university at the time. During these 4 years we have been corresponding strictly through text messages only about normal matters regarding our lives, about matters regarding our religion and about his studies. He already told his parents about wanting to marry me and they accepted his decision. Currently he is having a hard time getting his visa in order to study abroad and he is still not in university till this day and due to that fact I still haven’t told my parents about him. We have been corresponding up until this day however our correspondence is only through text messaging (whatsapp) and it is not inappropriate or immoral at all. We update each other on our lives and that is the only purpose of our correspondence. Considering my situation, is it sinful and haram for us to correspond in this manner? Are we committing sin each and every time we correspond in this strict way? I always pray To Allah to forgive us if we made a mistake together by talking like this and I always pray to Allah to make his situation better in order for him to talk to my parents. I fear Allah so much and so does this young man; we both strictly avoid falling into temptation and sin together because we don’t want to do anything haram, our goal is to get married by Allah’s will.