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Tanvir Islam asked 2 years ago

Assalamu alaikum
There’s a lot of things to write here, with incidents over 30+ years, all leading to this, but I have tried to summarize the entire story and include the main points
Back from when I was a child, I had heard stories of how my family had a history with jinns. My mom’s grandfather’s best fried was a jinn and they spent a long time together, as they were classmates in the same madrasa. I’ve heard that he used to bottle up/capture evil jinns and they promised to extract revenge upon his family.
My mom throughout her life suffered from various mental and physical illness ( she had to get her ovaries removed as a result of this) and to an extent still does, and it’s suffice to say this has torn our family quite apart. We used to live abroad but 2-3 years back relocated to our native land and have been here ever since. Over here, there’s a strong tradition of visiting Imams and such, who claim to exorcise, with varying levels of success and my mom visited one of them, a credible one, who has in the past supposedly helped my mom’s aunt’s family. What was shocking here was that person could easily describe our houses abroad, my mom’s conditions and even my deepest, darkest secrets which no one else knew. Some stuff were wrong, such as the assumption that I do drugs, but for the most of them they were true, like where I go and stuff like that
Consequently. he gave her some posters ( I don’t know what they are called) and a taweej to hang around her neck. I had heard about not wearing taweej and told her so, but she insisted on doing so, telling some scholars say if you are desperate and if it has legit quranic stuff written, you can. 3-4 posters were given with one of them of paper and the rest on deer skin, hung on 2 of our rooms ( see links below)
Now, recently a few strange things have been happening. A couple of weeks ago, some meat left on our dining table was eaten up. The only room without the poster had lipstick lines drawn on the walls and the door of the attached bathroom has lines as if someone took a steel scale and drew across it. Most of the time I am accused of them since I am quite mischievous and absent-minded. But these weren’t done by me, because I was either out of home or sleeping then
Today, my sister told me why I had written ” F**k you ‘ on my door, to which I was very surprised. I usually close my door and do my work, rarely leaving my room. Furthermore, the handwritings don’t match and it was written with a CD-Marker type ink, which none of us have at home. Seeing my fright and discussing with my mom, she confessed that many months ago she also saw a similar writing on my om’s handbag
Now, I can’t help but think, are the increased occurrences related to the posters given? It’s written in arabic or persian in an unintelligible manner, or atleast to me. If someone could help me decipher what is written on it or what it implies and give me advice, it would be very much appreciated. I am desperate
The posters: