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Abdul Basit asked 6 months ago

Assalam o Alaikum I am a medical student and I am having my papers these days.
As the course of medical is too much. I am well aware that only Allah can help me out and make my exam best
But during my exams, I was so tensed that I forgot to ask his help before every paper and just focused on getting everything done.
Although my papers went quite good.but I am feeling worried that as I didn’t ask His help maybe I will not score good.
I have always recited surah yaseen before every paper but this time I was worried and forgot to do so and now I am worried that I might not score good.
I am an A1 student. So can I now pray and ask for great marks after the exams( when I have given the papers) as result has not yet come. Or will it be of no use.
As far as I think our Destiny has been written and Allah knows that my servant will come back to me even after papers
So my not reciting before papers will not affect my papers significantly