Noor asked 1 year ago

Salam Alikum, I am a convert and have learned through my husband that men and women cannot be friends or mix.  I am confused, my husband treated a young lady about 4 years ago and she comes to our house daily.  My husband calls her just to talk.  She calls him just to talk.  They wrestle I told them the first time this was inappropriate.  When we go on vacation my husband takes his cell phone and calls her (international and in the states.).  I asked why he did that and he said,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”he wanted to.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”  He cares about her.  She is married.  She is 28.  He said she is not a friend she is family.  When I tell him Islamicaly he shouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t do these things with her he says he knows more about Islam than I do.  Am I wrong to worry?  Islamicaly what should I do?

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ISCC Staff answered 1 year ago

Wa Alykum Assalam
Your husband is wrong and committing major sin. The other lady is also living a very sinful life too. Your husband does not know about Islam. If he would know about Islam or care about Islam he won’t do what he is doing. Your husband should fear Allah