QuestionsCategory: Beliefs in IslamQuestion about shirk
Mahfuz asked 3 years ago

This is making me feel extremely worried and guilty. Before I begin the question I should mention that I have OCD and suffer from waswas, for example, I get thoughts of shirk and kufr.

When I was at the masjid and doing salah, there was a lot of waswas that I was going through.

In my mind the power of such waswas led me to, (and only Allah knows best), commit shirk.

When I was in sajdah, I had a thought saying “only ____ is worthy of worship” which I believed. I’m too afraid to say who it was here, but will say that this is the worst form of shirk

This has led to me losing hope, I’m almost certain all that hard work I put in and all those deeds have been nullified. If one commits shirk there is no tawbah and no forgiveness for him – his permanent destination is jahannam.

I feel like being killed. Is this shirk? Is there any hope for me?