QuestionsCategory: Purity in IslamQuestion regarding istinja and istibra
Roger Ecbert asked 12 months ago

As-salaamu \’alaykum, I am a 20 years old male. It could be noted that I have OCD. Anyway, for the past few months I have been suffering from this problem. After urination and performing istinja I constantly get the feeling of some urine is coming out. I have gained a bad habit of frequently checking the tip of my private part. Most of the time I find nothing. But sometimes I find some water on tip of my private part (the water is less than one dirham/ one palm of hand size). I am not sure if its urine or water (the water I used for istinja). It makes me nervous. I have searched through internet. Most scholars say that one should perform istibra. That one should squeeze, pull, twist the private part or walk 40 steps, climb up the ladder, lie down, jog or cough to ensure istibra. But all these seem very difficult. And I have also heard that some other scholars say that all these are actually innovation. There are no hadiths about these things. I have even  tried few of these things. None of these help. Rather some of these things like pulling or squeezing increase the urine flow even more. What should I do? Is this Waswasa? Should I just wait few minutes after urination,  pour some water on my private part and leave. And after that ignore all the feelings? Or should I do something more. Somebody please help me. May Allah bless him/her. And also about the hadith, that Prophet Muhammad (S) once said that most of the grave punishments are causes of urine splashes on clothes. Is this type of punishment can be relate to the problem of mine, the urine drop related problem. Or is this hadith is referred to those when during urination the urine splashes get on clothes. Because after urination I wash my whole lower part body (I put off my pants while urinating). And one more thing, when I am off to my college, and I have to urinate, I do not perform istinja after urination. Because the system of my college is very bad, sometimes there are no water or any tissue. But I do not pray on these clothes. Neither do I sit anywhere pak(clean) place with  these clothes. Is it permissible?