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Junaid asked 6 months ago

Asalaumalikum I have been suffering from extreme waswas on shirk and its come to a point where I think I\\\’m going mad and I start shivering everytime I think I committed shirk I start crying and shivering I know these are the tricks from the shaytaan but I still always doubt my intentions I feel like as if I can\\\’t even be happy no more in life yesterday in class something happened to me and I want to know if I committed shirk someone\\\’s name came in my head and even though I didn\\\’t postrate or bow down at all a thought came to me and said you did bow down even though I didn\\\’t want to but they trick me into thinking I want to after that I ignored the thought but then I started crying beacuse I was thinking did I do it or not and I don\\\’t even know if I did it or not and I can\\\’t even remember what happened and I started crying after that now everytime I think I done it I start shivering and start to cry even though I know I didn\\\’t do it but I\\\’m still scared