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Anonymous asked 1 year ago

Salam Alaykum, I have been writing stories since I was very young and have developed a talent for it. I enjoy writing stories but I\\\’ve recently stopped because I\\\’m not sure if it\\\’s permissible or not. Some Islamic websites say that it is permissible if the message is positive and the story is free of haram actions and other sites say that it is a waste of time and should therefore not be indulged in. My questions are: Is it permissible to write stories? If so, what are the restrictions? If I am writing about characters doing something haram and then getting punished in the end then is it permissible? For example, if I wrote a story about magicians and they think they\\\’re doing good things because they fight demons and send them back to hell but in the end they discover that each time they practiced magic, they ended up unknowingly summoning a demon somewhere else and they were the reason there were demons on earth in the first place, then is it permissible? What is the ruling on using fictional/mythological figures (like aliens, werewolves, vampires, etc.) that no one really believes in?  Also, nowadays it\\\’s commonly accepted that Greek gods are not real so would it be permissible to use them in stories since they have the same standing as a unicorn which is obviously not real?  Is it haram to portray non-Muslims accurately in stories? For example, if a story takes place in the West and it is more realistic to show settings as they are in the West (with men and women being in the same places and communicating and being friends)? Is it haram to give characters superpowers? If so, then why?  Also, is it haram to portray anything that is obviously made-up? Like how Mary Shelly had Victor Frankenstein create a living creature from the body parts of dead people? We know it cannot actually happen and I don\\\’t think anyone is foolish enough to try to do it based off her book. It\\\’s understood that people cannot create life. Shelley\\\’s book tackled the problem of \\\”otherness\\\”, that dis-inclusion of other people based on meaningless things like their appearance and the dangers of being cruel without reason. Would her book still be considered haram to write?  Thank you very much for your time.