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Sara asked 7 months ago

Hello, my mother has cancer that has spread to her rectum. Because of this, she has difficulty controlling her gas. When this happens during her prayer, does she have to repeat her ablutions every time (it can be up to four or five times)?

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ISCC Staff answered 1 month ago

Wa Alykum Assalam,
May Allah heal your mother. She should make wudhu and after that if she passes gas, its ok. She can pray with that wudhu because she has no control over her passing of gas. Please note she should make wudhu for every fardh prayer and continue using that wudhu for one fardh prayer and all other prayers and reading of Qur’an. When the time for the next fardh prayer comes, she should make wudhu again/ If during wudhu she passes gas, she does not have to repeat, she just complete the wudhu. May Allah accept her prayers. Ameen