Mariom asked 5 months ago

Salam this is a very sensitive time for me at the moment for the last 2 weeks I have been feeling very unwell so went to the doctors and they told me that I am pregnant with my 3rd I was shocked not expected.
I already have 2 duaghter ages 5 and 2 for some reason I am not feeling happy this time what so ever like I did previously with my other 2 pregnancies I am constantly crying my whole personality has changed I’m quite don’t talk to my husband don’t luang or joke and physically I am too much over weight for my height and mentally I have suffered from severe depression in past and now it’s happening again and I don’t think I can take it at the moment.
my husband is also very stressed out this time he also doesn’t seem that excited due to the pressure he is suffering from work and working from home as well.I wanted to know that is it permissible for me to get an abortion if i am suffering mentally and physically?