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Tasmia shahrin khan rose asked 5 months ago

In Need of advice regarding this matter.
When my mother got married to my father .They tried a lot to convience my maternal grandmother for the marriage but she didn’t agree.But all the time my maternal grandfather didn’t have any objection so lastly they got married while my grandma wasn’t happy. After marriage my mother tried to talk to her but she got anxious and after that my Grandpa told that if my mom tries to talk to her she will get sick so not to come.while my grandpa tried many times to talk to her but she just don’t want to understand.Its been many years and my grandpa has passed (may Allah grant him Jannah) but my grandma has not forgiven my mother till now and is still angry.My mother fears that if she tries to approach her, grandma will get sick and she also says that grandma will start cursing me and my brother and she can’t tolerate that.
We all know that Jannah lies under the feet of a mother.So what should my mother do in this situation? Will Allah forgive her as her mother is angry with her.