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Sima asked 6 months ago

I know a sister who is 40 years old, divorced. She is a practising Muslim. However she told me that for 5 years she has had a male friend who is significantly older than her, who is a non Muslim. This male friend has become her support and someone she is close to. They visit one another very regularly and are often alone as the sister lives alone.
She told me that she prays her salat and her friend is very supportive towards her praying- she use to wear hijab but recently removed it-
Brother I have told this sister this male is a non mahram to her but she insists they are platonic friends, and only socialise. She said that they do not do anything which is haram and that this person has helped her so much as a good friend. He visits her, they cook together and that’s it. 
Her family is aware of her situation regarding this ‘friend’ and tried to persuade her to stop, but they have not succeeded so they have distanced themselves from her as they have tried over 5 years to guide her. But she began to do things secretly as it led to so much arguments.
I am worried that I know about her situation and I don’t want to take any punishment on the Day Of Judgment for not helping her or warning her-
What should she do to help herself?