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    Shahzeb Ali

    Mon, 03/09/20 10:50 am


    Message: I’ve decided to never marry and parents are upset with me because I’m not mentally stable and I dont want that responsibility because it wouldnt be fair for the girl I’m severely depressed because I was sexually exploited by multiple people when I was young but my mom trying to blackmail me by saying that I’m hurting them by not agreeing to marry and Allah will not be happy with me what should I do to convince marriage is not an option I think im mentally damaged beyond repair and also I used to drink alcohol everyday but quit that but I do smoke weed and I dont think I can quit that ever because it’s like medicine for me and helps me live with depression so with that considered I dont think any girl would want to marry me with this habit and rightly so but how should I explain this to my parents that I cant get married they also know I smoke weed but still telling me to get married please advise if you can I’m really lost