Abdullah Khan asked 1 year ago

Assalam o laikum sir , Im having trouble coming to a conclusion , My real age is 21 but my  age in documents is 19, if i tell people that my age is 19 would it count as a sin ? Actually my parents reduced my age few years ago so that i don’t face a difficulty having a job , Actually i am an android and machine learning programmer and i am self taught , i used to program at the age of 17 and still doing , in 2017 when i was 17 i created a social network with the help of an engineer and also built other apps after that , I am preparing for a google certification exam , if i pass it then i will be on television and will tell people how i became a self taught programmer , but the problem is that im a little afraid because if they ask about my age then i will have to tell 19 which is a lie because my age right now is 21 , yeah i know i started programming and built big projects at a young age so if they ask about my age i will have to tell 19 which makes me a little anxious because i don’t want to sin , i’m also working on some other projects which i will represent during interview . So what should i do ?. I am also planning to launch a free programming course for people who cannot afford to pay college fees to learn that skill but i will try my best InshaAllah to provide it for free soon, and i will represent that course on media too in order to reach that to majority of people so at that time they will ask about my age so what should i do ? Thanks