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Shahzad Gujjar asked 3 years ago

Salam, respected Sir My question is about agriculture. Now a days various Fitnas are rising, one of them is genetically modified seeds. I\\\’ve read the Ahadiyth Nabwi ﷺ about Dajali Firms, the points about agriculture are the following. A: dajjal will bring rain to his follower countries. (We can see now cloud seeding technology has been used for artificial rain) B: dajjal\\\’s allies will have greenery (Now gmo can grow without season) C; dajjal\\\’s allies\\\’ animal will have more milk. (This too can be seen in genetically modified animals) Now, the point about his enemies is that he\\\’ll bring hunger to those countries. How? In my research by destroying natural seeds & spreading genetically modified seeds that won\\\’t provide farmers with seeds but only grains. In Pakistan Monsanto is working hard to spread Gmo seeds. I\\\’m seeking a Fatwa in the light of Quran & Hadiyth about these genetically modified seeds.  We can clearly see that if natural seeds are gone we\\\’ll be depending on these companies for seeds. Allah forbid if we lost our natural seeds & totally rely on GNOME seeds then this can lead to destruction. If in future these companies decide not to give us seeds & there won\\\’t be any natural seeds left then obviously hunger will be on its way. Yours truly Shahzad Gujjar