QuestionsCategory: Quran & HadithAre there things that Allah cannot do?
Summiyah Tehreem asked 7 months ago

As-salam-u-alaiy-kum. I wanted to ask a question that has been bothering me a lot. Are there things that are actually impossible? I mean that Allah created all the rules of universe, right? From the concepts of math to the laws of physics. But can Allah break them? Like how 2 plus 2 cannot equal 3 or 4 minus 2 cannot equal 3. Could Allah make it be? Or could Allah create another God? But that isn’t possible right? So does that mean there is rules and facts the Allah did not make or cause to happen? So are there thing that are not in the hands of Allah? Things that already existed? I know we cannot understand Allah, i do not know what to do anymore. Stupid thoughts have been coming to me. I don’t know what to do. I feel the need to silence this with answers. What would the answer be in the light of Quran and authentic hadiths?