QuestionsCategory: Character & MoralsAssalamualaikum. it is proved by hadith that there exists such man called Mukhannath min kalqin, These are men whose feminine traits are innate and he did not put it upon himself. Therein lies no guilt, no shame and no blame, as long as he does not use his characteristics for illicit acts, or exploit it for money. So there exist such people who are born with only sexual attraction to same sex. If they try they can't have sexual feeling towards opposite sex. So,it is 100% true that like every human being those who are Mukhannath min kalqin also have sexual needs and that is not something one could hide.It's sort of basic need. And of course as they think themselves as female they get attracted to males. and have no feeling for female. So, It's impossible for them to marry a female and fulfill their sexual need. And there if a man who happens to be Mukhannath min kalqin falsely marry a girl and live his life with unlimited lies due to pressure of society that could destroy both the girl and the man's life.And there are no where it is clearly explained that how a Mukhannath min kalqin can fulfill his sexual need. (As islam agrees about the existence of Mukhannath min kalqin, there has to be any solution of full feeling their sexual need )Then, how can it be haram if a Mukhannath min kalqin live his life as a married couple with a male partner who also only have sexual feeling for him. . We know those things which are not clearly explained in Al-quran and hadith can be solved by ijma and kias. Please, take this topic seriously. There are thusands of muslims in this world who are Mukhannath. Forcing them to marry opposite sex can never be a solution. You can never feel their pain. Often they get suicidal thought.. It would be very helpfull if Islamic scholars solve this huge problem.(i am saying this about those who are naturally like that and not for those who are for their benefit acting like one)
Mohammad kaif asked 2 months ago