QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceBeard or marriage?
Mohammed Sadique asked 5 months ago

Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah
I have a question about beards
There is friend of my childhood she is Ismaili shia we know each other very well our family relations are also good
But after college studies we like each other and tell our parents for our marriage.
My parents are agreed to do but her parents were not ready due to cast differentiation but after lil bit forcing her parents want if u wanna marry my daughter “cut or trim your beards”. Because I have long beard about to reach one fist and it is first beard I had never touch any single cut.
So how I can handle this situation
They are fully disagree with my beard.
She is forced by her parents to do with other guy which don’t have long beard so please help me out from this situation 🙁