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Salim asked 3 months ago

Salam !
I am Muslim by the grace of god. I have a question which is completely opposite to what people generally ask and anticipate what Muslim community is really. 
As we know that general public makes muslims as violentic people and terrorists as they are violent. But, i am actually completely non violent person. I show love, kindness and forgivness to all the people who haress me or my family even without they ask. 
People have insulted me, ridiculed me, oppressed me, tried to hurt me physically, have passed comments on me. But, as i have said i be very nice and humble to them as Islam preaches to be kind, love, forgivness etc… People say me stupid.
I suffered from social anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, depression because of all of this but i still remained good with all, but they all have vanished, remained same and i feel like looser and stupid now.
Since childhood age 3 i am facing this problem, infact you wont believe but i am still at age 3 itself where i ws taught to believe in the name of god and know the diff bet right and wrong. I dont understand what is right and wrong.
On the above my anger is like entire universe combined, I can become violent like terrorists of afghanistan, and so i made myself ultra nice.
Can you say me what to do as quran and hadith have both violence and forgivness/kind/love theory
At what point to show violence and forgivness when someone attacks you, should you go near to them/for life afterwards as they only do drama that they have become good as from inside they are not, this has happened with me several times