Saira asked 8 months ago

Hi, I really hope you can answer me. I am really worried and depressed. I hope you have all records of my previous questions to show how much I suffered with my belief. Two months ago I saw YouTube videos that was saying against Islam and it is fake. I tried my best to hold on my belief but I couldn’t. I listened to them. I never meant to disbelieve in Allah. I can’t believe in him anymore. I am so scared. Can I come back to Islam and say my shahada? Will Allah forgive me? I am scared of death and hell fire. I never thought it would bring me to this situation. I never meant to leave my faith. When I read something about Islam, my mind is not accepting it. I am so worried! I would do anything to rewind the clock when I had belief and I was happy. Sorry just to update. Am I am Kafir now and I am really scared. Thank you.