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Sabrine asked 4 months ago

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
I really hope that you will answer to my email inshallah.
My husband is a young guy and the last couple of years he’s been struggling with his carrer as a football player. He’s such a nice man, he prays everyday, he helps people in need and he try to do as many good things as he can. There’s one African man who is an old friend of my husband’s family, this man he only talks about Islam and looks like he knows everything about Islam. But lately I found out that this man he’s giving to my husband some water to wash his feet with before the football games, and that this is made with quraan and that it will help him with he’s career. He’s also giving him some talimans for protection telling him that they are made with quraan and that there is no black magic in all of this. He also tell him that he has one women that she can see his future and everytime he tells him for example “ in 100 days you will find a new football club etc..”
Few days ago I opened the talismans thinking to find maybe some surat from quraan, but was not like this, I found numbers etc..
I think this man is fooling my husband, specially because he’s asking a lot of money to do these things. Please answer to my email so I can prove to my husband that what this man is doing is haram so he can delete him from our life.