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Abdullah asked 3 years ago

Assalamu A\’laykum Dear imam, I have a three and half year old son. We had to leave him in his grandparents house in Tunis for more than 3 months. My son started to call my Wife\’s sister \”Mammy\” which was my wife\’s initiative. My wife did it as she felt sympathy for her sister as she and her husband have no children. I have no problems and I support her decision. But later she also gave permission to call her husband \”daddy\” without my permission, without even asking me. Later she asked me if it was ok? I told her That I am absolutly and totally against it. Now we are here in Tunis and hearing him calling him daddy is hurting me. I just can\’t accept. What is the best way of correcting it without hurting them? JazakAllahu khayran