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Danish asked 4 years ago

Assamulaikum I am a 26 year old male who did his nikah with a girl around 3 months back, I had apporached this girl\’s family as she was hijabi and seemed pious and simple. Before the Nikah this girl had confided in me that she was in contact with a boy who was a non-Muslim and had a soft corner for him, he had promised to convert to marry her but he did not so she broke things off. At that time they way she described it, it seemed like a verbal kind of innocuous relationship and i did not find it appropriate to probe further as we were not married. 3 months after our marriage through a unforseen course of events (I unknowingly came across some old messages of her) she confessed to me that she had commited zina multiple times (50 – 60) with that non-muslim in different hotels throughout the period that she was in a relationship with him, he also possesses illicit images that she sent him during that time period. Till 3 months we have had the best of marriages Alhamdulillah and we have been very compatible with each other but this need news has shattered me. I am in a delima about what to do now since I am not in favour of breaking this marriage but this news has completely changed my perception of her and I am finding it hard to respect her even though she repents it and has since asked for the Almighty\’s forgiveness and has also apologized for hiding things from me. Please help me. Jazakallah