QuestionsCategory: Marriage & DivorceCan I talk to girl wirhout marrying?
Shamir asked 1 year ago

I love a girl and she also loves me. We want to get married. But there are some problems, I don’t know if anyone of my family would agree in this marriage right now [cause I’m still studying and she is not from a high status family]. From her family, everyone is agreed except her elder brother who is unknown of this fact but we hope that he will agree in shaa allah. As we are not married, yet we talk to each other via online which is a great sin [actually we were not much sincere about having relation without marriage, we were young, we are still young]. So, if we don’t talk to each other… it will be hard thing for both of us.  So, what can we do now so that everything remains at peace? is there any certain dua to marry someone? And what are the minimum requirements to marry her? Can her mother/sister be her wali ? as her father is dead and an uncle who has no authority over their family. Jazakallah khairan