QuestionsCategory: FiqhCan I work for other religions and can I work for preaching other religions
Mohammad Saifur Raihan asked 2 years ago

Assalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters. I have some questions. Those are devided in different parts and also intersect eachother. I am a Graphic Designer. I work in an agency and also do own business. I have clients of different religions. The problem is I am asked to work for other religions like making designs for them in their religious occassions, I am asked to maintain their pages like churches’ facebook pages, make digital posters for them, do campaigns in their occassions. I have come to realige that I am helping other religious belief to spread for my salary and profit but it’s too tough to leave it because I studied in Graphic Design  spending a lot of money. I have changed 6 jobs and stayed workless for 4 years but couldn’t be successful in other businesses. Finally I have realized that I have to help other religions and preach them because almost all organizations celebrate all religions and I have to do their branding. I need to do branding of churches and other religious organizations. My question is, 
1. If I create designs those contain other religions’ elements will I be a qafir/ fasik/mushrik/munafiq ? I want the specific answer.
2. If I do campaign for other religions what will I be in islamic view ? Kafir/mushrik/fasik/munafiq ?
3. If I do branding for a church or other religious organization what will I be in islamic view ? Kafir/mushrik/fasik/munafiq
4. If I do branding for a product with taglines that goes against islamic fundamental beliefs, what will I be in Islamic view ? Kafir/mushrik/fasik/munafiq
5. Can I sanction bonus to workers of other religion in their religious occassion. If I give, what will I be in islamic view specifically?
6. Can i give discount in products in other religions occassion ? If I do what will I be in islamic view specifically ?
7. Can I sell products those come in use of other religious identical practice. If I do what will I be in islamic view specifically.
8. Can I include subject of other religion in my school and pay a teacher for teaching them if they want.
NB : I have strong belief in Islam but I am just doing these as profession and Islam allowes other religions to be preached.