QuestionsCategory: FiqhCashier Did Not Scan Item, How and When to Return the Money?
Lubnah asked 2 years ago

Assalam Alaykum

Someone asked the question:

Once I went to shopping and I bought snacks and 2 pants. While giving the bill the person at the counter by mistake did not count the money for one pant, that means I got one pant for free by mistake…I knew he didn’t count and I remained silent ..this happened long back like more than one year ago  but then now I feel guilty about that….what should I do ? Should I go back and give them the money ? They don’t even know about this…I feel guilty about it and also regret it so much…. I am at my home town for now…when I go back to my college I will In Shaa Allah go and give them back the money because that store is near my college. Or should I do it immediately? Because I should go to city for this which will take 8 hours to get there. Or can I go next month when my college reopens in February?